Hair Extension Training Courses

Welcome to our elite Online Hair and Beauty Training

Here at Lucy Lane we give you up to date education with modern techniques, hands on hair extension demonstrations and coaching, guiding you step by step to ensure you have the right techniques and knowledge for yourself and your future clients to ensure your Hair Extension services are successful. We are on hand to mentor and teach you from our combined 40 years in the hair and beauty industry and only want to see you succeed with happy, repeat clientele. We own a salon so we know what you need as technicians and also what clients need, as we take care of themevery day.

When you finish your training you will have all your questions answered and feel confident in yourselves to produce perfect services and run a successful business with good profits.

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1. Expertise

Today’s customers expect and deserve the best of the best, and falling short can make your business fail fast. You might already have some experience with spray tanning at a salon, but that does not necessarily mean those skills are going to translate into a successful start in your own private business. To do great work that will keep your clients coming back for more appointments, you need to know all the latest application techniques and all the theory behind the service.

2. Reputation

Just the fact that you took the initiative to complete a professional Hair Extesnion course is enough to let your clients know that you are serious about your career. It is also enough to put you above your competitors. While now is still a great time to start a hair extension service, the number of businesses that are going to be competing for your clients is growing. By establishing your reputation as a trained professional from the start, you can immediately stand out from the crowd as an exceptional hair extension service provider.

3. Profit

Hair Extensions are one of the most popular trends in today’s fashion industry, and clients are willing to pay extra money to get the kind of results they see on television and in magazines and avoid the damage and affects of the poor work. By completing our hair extension courses, you can learn those insider techniques you need to know to give your clients the unforgettable results they are looking for.

If you already have some training experience with hair extensions, polish your skills by undertaking our courses and learning our new techniques to keep up with the latest developments in the hair extension industry. 

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